Fear not

Hope in God

Emotional waves 

           or how not to be overwhelmed  when accessing traumatic memories

         and coping mechanisms when trauma is accessed and/ or released


   preparation is the key

        my own strategy is the same as catching waves at the beach

           Will  I jump over the wave?

           Will I dive into the wave ( without hiting the bottom)

           Will I stand and resist the wave as it passes?

           Will I catch the wave and ride it in?

  now I grew up in a sea side city

   If you live on rolling plains  my analogy may mean nothing to you.

          How would you prepare for floodwaters?  might be a better example.

              at times it was like sewer in a stormwater channel

                          so I just hung onto the side as it passed

the point is

    emotional waves do pass

.Psychologists experienced in  supporting clients accessing or releasing 

    traumatic memories can help clients regulate the flow

    so it is not overwhelming.

do it in stages

as you are ready

    no one has the right to rush you.

be kind to yourself and take it at your own pace.

all the best

    Helplines are there to talk to.

    there are many websites with information.

        both listed on the Aussie Survivors website.


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